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“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

While Henry Ford was being optimistic, we didn’t know our people would only pay heed to the first half of what he said. They failed, again and again, creating opportunities for the next set of failures.

Okay, enough of the word-play now!

If you have ever taken us seriously, despite the range of funny videos we show you, let us tell you a grave truth.

After scrolling down this page, you will find an exquisite collection of funny failed videos. These are unseen and unedited clips of the most laugh-worthy population we have around us. They take a challenge and nail the part where they fail— terribly on the scale of 1 to 10!! 

This is not funny! We told you, we are serious. Period!!

We have been receiving the videos for ages now. You can imagine how utterly intelligent these people are to create new possibilities every time they fail successfully.

Yes! We are now used to laughing our heads off when we watch these people fail. And these people don’t mind. They, in fact, love being laughed at. 

So, if you are craving some hilarious, funny failed videos for the long week you’ve had, grab some popcorn and turn the volume up (make sure that you don’t jump off your seat). 

And before you tune in, let’s make something very clear from the beginning:

There’s absolutely no shame in laughing at these failures. After all, these people are looking for new opportunities every day!

Assignment America: The New Challenge 

We challenge you to try something funnier than these folks! They tried a lot to be serious but failed. 

And we got a bunch of funny failed videos for you. We asked them to try some new challenges with their friends and family and share their experiences with us. But we didn’t know their ideas would bounce back like the “bottle bounce challenge.” 

Ouch! The poor kid :( 

(Skip to 0:20) 

And, the whipped cream couldn’t taste better :)) 

Wait, are you already thinking you could have done it right?

Well, then - now we are asking you to spruce up your creativity and challenge your friends with something safer than ice or whipped cream! Else, we’ll have another compilation of funny videos! 

So, if ideas are spinning around your head, pick up the camera, and explore your funnier side- just don’t fail. Or fall! :D

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Dare you feel low after failing! The kids in these videos failed consistently, but trust us, they are dangerously funny!

They’ll make you laugh and pull the kid out of you (not literally). :D 

Maybe you’d even want to make your friends shoot these funny failed videos of you and spend your week laughing over your terrible moves. 

Of course, not the 4th one, though! But after you watch it, you might feel like…

“Been there, done that!”

When we watched these videos, we couldn’t keep ourselves from jumping off our seats!

Oh, and don’t underestimate your cats :)) Their grip is extremely tight, enough to pull the hairs out of your head :(

These funny failed videos might even teach you some babysitting tips. For example, never ever leave a scissor around the baby or maybe teach your girls that dolls are not that flexible!

Or, keep the bungee hooks at the same altitude!

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Assignment America: Science Experiments

Science experiments have always been fun. Whether it’s school or home, we always give in to the thrill of CO2 bubbles when baking soda mixes with vinegar.  We know you already blew off a few things in your chemistry lab (we hope not the entire lab, though). 

So, if your mischievous mind needs some fresh exercise, here’s a compilation of funny failed videos. Yes, top three science experiments that FAILED big time. 

You can perform these experiments at home. But wait, you might want to be extra careful with the techniques before you get started. 

Because, the third one is going to blow your minds off (unless, of course, you don’t blow something else.)

But the first two are going to make you laugh hard. So, turn the volume up, keep calm, and wait patiently for the experiment to fail.

And when you are done watching try these easy-peasy experiments yourself. Let us know how you enjoy them?

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Car Shower

Have you ever been on a trip full of terrible, hilarious events? 

If yes, it’s time to share your epic road trip moments with America.

We have received a lot of funny failed videos of road trips, short drives, and well, travel diaries. 

These people look insane! We keep wondering about how they managed to record themselves!

You might also run into an unwelcome friend in the middle of a forest! 

Today’s video features a car with a leaking roof!

Yes, a leaking roof. You can see the water flowing through “invisible” holes of the roof. Although it’s really uncomforting to sit in such a space, it looks like the family is having fun collecting the water. 

Don’t get us started with the foam! Where did that come from? Truly unbelievable!

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New Door

Did you ever get fooled by the transparent tiles? We hope not! 

In our collection of funny failed videos, we often see people being tricked by objects that don’t seem alarming. 

But in this video, we hardly managed to realize what actually happened!

At first, it looked like a prank set up but with the invisible net we couldn’t connect the dots. 

The fall was terrible but incredibly hilarious. Just imagine for a second, if it were not the dog but you :( 

Okay, don’t pout! We just told you to imagine. Or did that happen to you already 😊

But look at its patience, man! It didn’t even blink (or it might have, we didn’t see it, though).  

It joined the little group again, as if it never happened! What would YOU have done, if it were you? Let us know! 😊

Or, can you share some of your funny failed videos with us? Who know, you did better than the dog.

Keywords: Fail Dogs prank


Oh, Good God! 

Don’t ever pull a stunt if you can’t see straight :))

Let the standing mower do its job, people. FYI, you walk behind the standing mower and not ride on it (hand on the lips emoji).

Though, we are still wondering who is the owner of that car! (Did you see any scratches on it?)

You know, we have seen skateboards, watery slippers, and cars on slopes barging people into something or the other. But a standing mower – was out of possibilities!

Next time you try something like this or pull up these little stunts, don’t forget to clear the ground! Or are you thinking of submitting an entry of your funny failed videos to our list?

You’re most welcome, though! But hey, we are not telling you to fall or crack your head open into something 😊 

Also, don’t blame us if you happen to break someone’s car or a window. :p

And, we are obviously not giving you any ideas (mask on the face emoji).

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Selfie or Swim!

Look at your back, silly, silly! What are you doing? Sorry! You can’t look back when you are taking a selfie! 

But hey, why on earth did they not look at the camera then?

Yeah well, it was indeed candid!

Thank God! It was just the wave and not…well it’s better you do not imagine it.  

Beach selfies are a trend now. And take our word for this, if this video goes viral (which it will) wave splashes will be in trend too!

Now, are you already planning something like this? Let us help you out so you can make some funny failed videos (of beach selfies). 

First, you need a water-proof phone. Wait. Was the couple’s phone water-proof? Did they already know it was going to happen?

Anyways, let’s skip to the part where you fail or fall or the water falls on you.

How did it happen, by the way? Well, we know you can figure it out on your own! But don’t forget to share how you failed 😊)