Baby Busts A Move

AFV Winners from Season 31 Episode 20

This week’s videos made us laugh non-stop, but only one can be the cream of the crop!

Our three finalists are…

  • Baby Busts A Move - The Bloniarz Family - Escanaba, MI

    video thumbnail
    When two sisters attempt to record their dance moves, the youngest sister jumps in and steals the spotlight.
  • Virtual Class Clown - The Fogal Family - Beacon, NY

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    A philosphy teacher has his virtual class interrupted by his toddler, who is very proud of his potty training success.
  • Whatcha Wearing Under There - Jerry Lessard - Standish, ME

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    A couple records a virtual toast as part of a wedding video, but before the camera stops rolling, the whole wedding gets an eyefull of his underwear.
  • And the $10,000 Winner is...

    Baby Busts A Move - The Bloniarz Family - Escanaba, MI

    video thumbnail
    After the youngest Bloniarz sister jumped in front of the camera during her older sister’s dance video, Dad Justin posted the video on Facebook for his friends and family to get a laugh.  When his wife saw just how many people commented on the video, she suggested sending it to AFV, and now the little girl who stole the show, is rolling in some serious dough! Do you have a show stealer in your family?  We want to see!  Upload your video for a chance to win like the Bloniarz Family!

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