Camera Confuses Canines

AFV Winners from Season 32 Episode 13

We’ve seen lots of videos, some were great, some were better, but only the top three can take home the cheddar!

Our three finalists are…

  • Hairdo With A Chipmunk Or Two - Kelsey Nalls - Dora, AL

    video thumbnail
    No good deed goes unpunished, and here’s the proof! A girl ends up with a chipmunk in her hair when attempting to save it from her cats.
  • Camera Confuses Canines - Carol Bilardo - Millsboro, DE

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    When their owner talks to them through the household security camera, these two pooches find themselves very confused.
  • Can't Say Crochet - The Shoup Family - Mounds View, MN

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    This girl wants to try learning a new hobby, but she needs to learn how to pronounce it first!
  • And the $10,000 Winner is...

    Camera Confuses Canines - Carol Bilardo - Millsboro, DE

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    Tinkerbell and Odin found themselves confused when they could hear Mom & Dad, but couldn’t see Mom & Dad!  Carol says she doesn’t think the two pups ever figured out the voices were coming from the camera, but that they don’t have to check in on them much anymore.  Turns out spying on the pups while away paid off, and Carol took home $10,000! Have you caught your canine doing something funny on your home security camera?  We want to see!  Upload your video for a chance to win like Carol!

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