Finger Puller Prank

AFV Winners from Season 31 Episode 14

All of this week’s videos had us laughing a bit, but only one wallet will end up super thick!

Our three finalists are…

  • Finger Prank Puller - The Rinus Family - Murfreesboro, TN

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    This handyman husband totally nailed this prank on his wife, when he asks for her help removing a nail he drove through his finger.
  • Baffled 'Bout Baby - The Baron Family - Rigby, ID

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    Still woozy from his hearing aid surgery, this man gets a little confused about who had a baby.
  • And the $10,000 Winner is...

    Novocained Raspberry Blower - The Cunningham Family - Clio, MI

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    This little girl gives her whole family a laugh when her face won’t cooperate as she tries to blow a raspberry after her trip to the dentist.
  • Finger Prank Puller - The Rinus Family - Murfreesboro, TN

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    Don told his wife Kimberly he was building a birdhouse in the garage, but he was really hatching a plan to prank her.  Kimberly says Don has always been a prankster, but this was the worst one he has ever pulled on her.  The couple gives credit to their daughter Chelsea who convinced her dad not to delete the video, but to send it to AFV instead!  And Don will use that $10,000 to get out of the doghouse by taking Kimberly on a much needed vacation. Are you the prankster in your family?  What’s the best prank you’ve pulled lately?  Upload your video for a chance to win like the Rinus Family!

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