Four Generation Celebration

AFV Winners from Season 31 Episode 4

This week was full of a lot of OMGs, but only one can earn the 10 Gs!

Our three finalists are…

  • Stuck To The Truck - The Chronerberry Family - Kaneohe, HI

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    Ever feel like you’re stuck to your job?  This trash truck knows the feeling all too well.
  • Embarrassing Alien Abduction - The Austin Family - Spring, TX

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    When a Dad waits for his daughter at the bus stop in a hilarious Halloween costume, she refuses to get off the bus out of embarrassment.
  • Four Generation Celebration - The Bican Family - Hanover, PA

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    Four generations celebrate Mom, with the eldest generation stealing the show!
  • And the $10,000 Winner is...

    Four Generation Celebration - The Bican Family - Hanover, PA

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    In 2020, The Bican Family lost their beloved PopPop at the age of 96.  PopPop was married to his wife Betty, “MomMom” for 72 years and had three lovely daughters, two granddaughters and three great-granddaughters.  PopPop often joked about being surrounded by his “harem”, as the family did not have any boys.  After PopPop’s celebration of life, the youngest great-granddaughter suggested having a little fun by creating at TikTok video, where MomMom steals the show!  They submitted this to honor PopPop, who always encouraged them to “carry on” and keep laughing even in the tough times. Which generation is the show stealer in your family?  We want to see!  Upload your video for a chance to win like the Bican Family!

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