Just A Roomful of Sugar

AFV Winners from Season 34 Episode 8

Some videos this week had us a total wreck, but we feel better when we hand out some checks!

Our three finalists are…

  • Trick-or-Treater Starts to Teeter - Siobhan Rock - Springfield, PA

    video thumbnail
    A little girl’s Halloween costume keeps her from claiming all her candy!
  • Bungled Bacon Beggar - Shelby Korom - Manheim, PA

    video thumbnail
    Dad gets an urgent message from his daughter to come home after Mom burns the bacon.
  • And the third finalist and $20,000 Winner is...

    Just a Roomful of Sugar - Tiyana McCreight - Las Vegas, NV

    video thumbnail
    Leah is a very rambunctious child with a lot of curiosity. Ever since she could walk, she would get into all sorts of trouble. One night, while the family was cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner, Tiyana and Konde noticed that Leah had disappeared! After following a trail of powder to the laundry room, Konde found Leah and Leo the cat covered in powdered sugar! Her parents found the scene so hilarious that they couldn’t even be mad at their daughter! Other family members and friends loved the video so much, insisting that Tiyana submit the video to AFV! Are your pets and kids always finding mischief? We want to see! Upload your video for a chance to win $20,000 like Tiyana!

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