Petting Zoo Spew

AFV Winners from Season 34 Episode 7

Some videos were adorable, some videos were cute, but here are the videos this week that were really a hoot!

Our three finalists are…

  • Merry Mumblers - Jamie Johncock - Chesapeake, VA

    video thumbnail
    These kids won’t be joining the choir anytime soon after mumbling their way through Frosty The Snowman.
  • So Wrong, It's Right - Yo Hutchens - Lafayette, LA

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    This little girl makes up her own answers to a game of Heads Up!
  • And the third finalist and $20,000 Winner is...

    Petting Zoo Spew - Jen Short - Sterling, VA

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    A drive thru safari left a little boy covered in llama lunch. During Covid, the Short family rented a farm in rural Virginia and decided to visit a local drive-thru safari. At the very beginning of the safari, Emil told his son, Gabriel, to record a large horned animal approaching the front of the car. Gabriel was trying to get the video for his dad, but the llama near the back window was being very aggressive, so he turned his attention there. Nathan even commented that he should roll the window up, but Emil deterred him. Suddenly, the llama began spewing all over Nathan and everyone else in the backseat – his step-mom, Jen, baby sister, Kaiya, and older sisters, Elise and Cemile. Emil didn’t think it was a big deal, saying that it was “just food.” But the spew was all over the backseat and down everyone’s shorts! Unfortunately, it was at the beginning of the safari and there was no turning back! But it made for a memorable trip and in hindsight, it was pretty hilarious. Now the family pretty much sticks to petting zoos! Jen had always joked about submitting to AFV, but life got in the way. She was recently cleaning up her phone and decided to finally submit the video and it paid off! What wild things have happened when you’ve been around wildlife? We want to see! Upload your video for a chance to win $20,000 like Jen!

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