Rambling About Ambling

AFV Winners from Season 31 Episode 10

All of this week’s videos delighted our eyes, but only the top three can take home the prize!

Our three finalists are…

  • Nose Hair Wax Wailer - The Synesael Family - Heath, TX

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    A man learns the hard way that beauty is painful when he attempts to wax the inside of his nose.
  • Rambling About Ambling - The Nercessian Family -Allendale, NJ

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    These boots were made for walking, but this little girl is doing a whole lot of talking trying to convince her family she needs to go for a trot around the block.
  • Mother And The Mudder Brothers - The Davis Family - Madison, MS

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    A regular bath won’t do when this trio of brothers decide to play in the mud.  Mom knows it’s time for the hose!
  • And the $10,000 Winner is...

    Rambling About Ambling - The Nercessian Family -Allendale, NJ

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    When a little girl says she wants to go for a walk around the block, you take her, because “that’s just how it works!”  And work it did!  Not only did she convince her Dad to take her on the walk, she convinced the judges to give her $10,000!  And all the credit goes to the Nercessian Family members who told Mom and Dad it was just too cute and funny not to share with AFV! Do you have a kiddo who is always saying funny things?  We want to see!  Upload your video for a chance to win like the Nercessian Family!

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