Tuna-Taking Tabby

AFV Winners from Season 34 Episode 4

A great week of videos were some were funny and others were cute, but only the top three can win the loot!

Our three finalists are…

  • Why Dad Werewolf? - Lisa Potter - Greenville, SC

    video thumbnail
    Parents can be so embarassing.  Especially when they pick you up from school in a Halloween costume.
  • Lady Ain't Afraidy - Donnie Clemons - Rocky Mount, NC

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    A woman is oblivious to her son’s attempt to prank her.
  • And the third finalist and $20,000 Winner is...

    Tuna-Taking Tabby - Mikey Koffman - North Hollywood, CA

    video thumbnail
    Mikey and her wife Stephanie rescued their cats from Mikey’s aunt’s backyard. They were kittens to two feral cats, but were rescued at only a few days old. Because Mikey got them so early in their lives, she didn’t think they would act as wild as she eventually found out they would. Royce, the star cat of the video, is the couple’s most mischievous cat. They are reported “Carboholics,” frequently stealing entire loaves of bread, bags of tortillas, pizza slices, and more. This particular day, Mikey had just come back home from a long day of snowboarding. All she wanted was to relax and finish her sandwich. But, Royce also wanted to finish her sandwich. Mikey chased him all through the living room. In the end, the sandwich was harmed, but a funny video was created. Mikey’s in-laws encouraged her to submit the video, which she did gladly as a lifelong fan of AFV. Has your security camera captured something super funny?  We want to see!  Upload your video for a chance to win $20,000 like Daniel!

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