Water Bottle Blunder

AFV Winners from Season 34 Episode 10

This week proved to be another outstanding group of videos that had us rolling! But only the top three can be rolling in the dough!

Our three finalists are…

  • Sir Mix-A-Tot - Leslie Manes - Nixa, MO

    video thumbnail
    This little girl puts her own unique spin on “You Are My Sunshine!”
  • A Fancy Fellow's Five-Star Feast - Valerie Musser - Redmond, WA

    video thumbnail
    A bearded dragon gets all dressed up for dinner.
  • And the third finalist and $20,000 Winner is...

    Water Bottle Blunder - Laura Seifert - Excelsior, MN

    video thumbnail
    92-year-old Ninfa was sent into the kitchen by her daughter Laura to get a bottle of water from the fridge to take her pills. Ninfa put her phone down and got the water from the kitchen and the next thing she knew, Laura could hear Ninfa talking to someone, but who? She checked the camera in the kitchen and saw Ninfa talking into the water bottle and then realizing it wasn’t her phone while laughing about it. Ninfa is the first one to laugh at herself and couldn’t believe her silly mistake won her family $20,000! Now she just has to decide what to do with her winnings! Have you captured an object confusion on camera? We want to see! Upload your video for a chance to win like the Seifert Family!

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