Hilarious Best Friend Fails

Friendship Fails Caught on Camera

Best friends are the ones you can count on through thick and thin, and they’re always down for shenanigans! That’s why we created this incredible compilation of best friend fail videos to help you remember all the great times you’ve had with your bestie!

No matter how stupid an idea may sound, best friends will brave it with you, even if you end up on the ground, under water, or even at the E.R. Who needs a therapist when you have a hilarious best friend, right? They can turn even the worst situations into a comedy show!

It’s Funnier When We Fail Together

This side-splitting compilation shows best friends putting their loyalty (and risk assessment skills) to the test. Tandem bikes, water slides, playgrounds, kayaks, even dance videos may seem innocent enough, but when undertaken by BFFS, they’re downright outrageous.

No matter how bad things get, you’ve still got your best friend by your side. And if they’re anything like the best friends in this compilation, they’ll be laughing their butts off!

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