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Man pranks his mother

Funny Prank Videos

We have a crazy compilation of funny prank videos. Trust us, these are some of the best pranks people set up for their friends, spouses, kids, and parents.

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Cat attacking woman

Funny Cat Videos

Who doesn't love a cute cuddly cat? They are everyone's favorite domesticated animal friend, but they sure know how to cause mischief.

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Funny dog image

Funny Dog Videos

Dogs are en endless source of entertainment. They are goofy, messy, ambitious but mostly just straight up funny.

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Girl fails at flip attempt

The Funniest Fail Videos

We all have good and bad days. We all have good and bad ideas. Unfortunately for the people in these fail videos... the camera was rolling during some poor decision-making.

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Camel eats woman's hair

Funny Animal Videos

Some days you are just not ready for the camera. Animals can be cute and cuddly, but they can also be unpredictable.

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Twin babies fight over a pacifier

Twin Babies Fight Over Pacifier

Who else could sit around watching babies all day? While being the cutest little things on the planet... they also love to cause a little mischief.

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Alfonso Ribeiro hosting AFV

Best AFV Fail Videos

We have been receiving the videos for ages now. You can imagine how utterly intelligent these people are to create new possibilities every time they fail successfully.

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Man in VR headset breaks his TV

Destruction Fails

Collapsing diving boards? Got em. Trees falling in the wrong direction? Check. VR headsets leading to broken furniture? Easy.

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Man on rollercoaster screaming

The Best AFV Winners

We put together this compilation to celebrate the the best of the best when it comes to AFV prize winning videos.

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Man on wakeboard falls into water

Sports Fails

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you fail. Next time you suit up for a game, watch your step, because you could land yourself a spot on the next compilation of hilarious sports fails from AFV!

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Man faceplants into a pool

Epic Water Fails

This water fails compilation will have you laughing your way through the day. Watch people slip, crash and slide their way into the biggest laughs!

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Woman Picks Up Bird

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Can you make it through this 2 hour try not to laugh challenge? We dare you not to giggle at these ridiculously funny fail videos from AFV.

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Father and son crash into the ground

Failing Runs in the Family

Your family is there to love, make you laugh… and hopefully get you on America's Funniest Home Videos. In this compilation you see moms, dads, kids and grandparents stumbling into the funniest fails around.

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A cat causes a matress to fall onto his owner

Security Cam Fails

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we have an entirely new category of fail videos to fill our lives with laughter. Luckily for us, these security cameras and doorbell cameras were rolling at the right moment.

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A man flies off of a trampoline next to a lake

High Flying Falls & Fails

We’ve all been there–you’re pumped to try the hardest trick you’ve ever attempted, but when you land… something goes hilariously wrong.

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A man is frightened by someone in a dinosaur mask

The Funniest Scare Pranks Caught on Camera

There’s nothing funnier than seeing someone get scared half to death by an innocent prank. It’s even funnier when everyone else in the room sees it coming.

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Man get instant karma for a bad decisions

Funniest Moments of Instant Karma

Hey, we’ve all made questionable decisions, but sometimes those decisions make us instantly regret what we did. Watch the funniest instant karma moments ever caught on tape.

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Woman Picks Up Bird

Vacation Fails

Bust out the sunscreen because we’ve got some sizzling vacation fail videos. We get it, going on vacation can make people feel a little too relaxed leading to some hilarious vacation fail moments.

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Woman Picks Up Bird

Car fails. Driving fails. And more!

Anybody know a good mechanic? Perhaps a chiropractor? These people may need a little more than emotional support after making it onto the AFV best car fails playlist!

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Woman Picks Up Bird

Mother Nature Fails

Nature provides some of the most beautiful things on earth… from the grand tetons to these hilarious mother nature fail videos!

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Won falls off her kayak attempting a trick

Outdoor Fails

People outdoors tend to throw their inhibitions to the winds, literally, and never has there been more valid proof than in this hilarious compilation.

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A grandma tries removing hair from her nose

Beauty Fails

Humans will do ANYTHING to up their self-care routines–beauty is pain, after all, right? And beauty becomes BEASTLY in this outrageous compilation of beauty fails!

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A woman get bit by a bird

Bird Fails

Majestic eagles and waddling penguins capture our imaginations, but trying to capture a bird’s character on camera leaves us screaming “MAYDAY!” instead of flying high.

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Woman falls on frozen lake

Snow Fails

Buckle up for a journey into the heart of winter hilarity that'll leave you secretly wishing for those snowflakes to keep falling.

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