Funny Pranks That Will Make You Laugh

Are you ready for a good laugh? Look no further than the hilarious compilation of prank videos from America’s Funniest Videos! For eight minutes straight, you’ll be treated to some of the most mischievous and playful pranks caught on camera. From unsuspecting family members to clueless coworkers, no one is safe from the laughter-inducing antics. In one clip, a group of friends place a fake spider behind an unsuspecting friend, causing him to jump to the ceiling in terror. In another, a daughter tricks her dad into taking a bite from a snowball right before she slaps it into his face. And who doesn’t love the pure joy of watching someone jump out from around a corner on an unsuspecting victim? But it’s not just the pranks themselves that are funny – it’s the reactions. The sheer surprise, shock, and confusion on the victims’ faces is priceless. You can’t help but chuckle along as they try to make sense of what just happened to them. This compilation of prank videos is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone in need of a good laugh. It’s lighthearted, mischievous, and just plain fun. So gather some friends, grab some popcorn, and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt. Just be sure to watch your back – you never know when someone might be planning their next prank!

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