Outdoor Fails

Ahh, can’t you just SMELL that fresh air, giving you LIFE?! Being outside can really bring out the best in us, but it can also bring out the stupid. Wide open spaces and a serious lack of breakable objects means that people outdoors tend to throw their inhibitions to the winds, literally, and never has there been more valid proof than in this hilarious compilation. Makeshift craftsmanship leads to building frame collapses. Too much exuberance causes hammock collapses and canoe tips. Overconfidence in partner yoga or pogo sticks or even chickens end up in disaster – every time! From ambitious DIY projects that take a tumble to hammock mishaps that could rival any circus act, and let’s not even get started on canoeing capsize catastrophes. Whether it’s an overestimation of our partner yoga prowess, a slightly misguided attempt at pogo-stick mastery, or even befriending the local wildlife in ways we never anticipated, each mishap turns into a symphony of laughter – every single time! So next time you’re enjoying the great outdoors, try making better choices – but if you don’t, make sure someone is recording!

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