Gravity Gaffes: Slips and Falls Caught on Camera

Five Minutes of Slip and Fall Fails

In the world of unexpected laughter and joy, there’s nothing quite like witnessing the perfect blend of timing and gravity that results in a memorable slip and fall. There’s beauty and there’s grace…and then there is the hilarious moment when someone fall flats on their face. It’s always in the moment we least expect it that gravity strikes, and luckily for you, we’ve got 5 funny minutes of people slipping and falling while someone was rolling tape.

Why Do We Love Watching People Wipe Out?

Any time we see someone take a spill we know deep down that it very well could. have been us. And usually when we are on the wrong end of one of these moments we are laughing at ourselves too. It happens to everyone!

From Embarrassing Falls to Epic Faceplants

The balance-challenged humans in our latest compilation will have you laughing out loud. They prove that there is a high risk of wipe-out when trying to show off, be it a high kick, a bike trick, or a back flip. No dance floor is safe, and no high heels are a good idea, when it comes to these slips and falls!

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