Snow Fails

That pesky groundhog declared six more weeks of winter, which means six more weeks of wild and wacky snowy moments that have NO chill! Hold onto your snow hats and mittens because we’ve got oodles of hilarious snowy escapades that’ll warm your heart, one belly laugh at a time. No longer is “eating the yellow snow” the biggest faux pas of those short winter days. Today’s humans have found ways to wipe-out on everything, from inflatable inner tubes to snowboards to their own two feet. Buckle up for a journey into the heart of winter hilarity that’ll leave you secretly wishing for those snowflakes to keep falling. From downhill racing that’ll have you on the edge of your seat (or sled) to snowmen who clearly missed their calling as comedians, this compilation guarantees a blizzard of laughter that the whole family can enjoy This chilling compilation of freezing falls and fails brings you sleds that are too fast, too furious, abominable snowmen hellbent on destruction, and adrenaline-seeking winter sportsters looking to get some air, but end up with a face full of snow. These hilarious videos will you have wishing winter will never end!

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