Beauty Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Glam Gone Wrong: Witness These Beauty Blunders


Humans will do ANYTHING to up their self-care routines–beauty is pain, after all, right? And beauty becomes BEASTLY in this outrageous compilation of beauty fails!

It seems there is always a new hair tool or make-up gadget or face mask blowing up on social media, and you just HAVE to try it…But as these videos prove, you really should NEVER, EVER try it. Ever.

Curling wands will burn locks of hair right off the scalp. Charcoal masks will get those blackheads right off your face–as well as your top few dermal layers. And hot wax will painfully yank hair from chins, nostrils, backs, ears! Nothing is off-limits.

So please ask yourself, as you watch a pair of sky-high heels ruin yet another beautiful ankle, how far will YOU go to be beautiful?