Watch the Best Funny Water Fails

Splash Into These Epic Water Fail Videos


Always look on the bright side of life with AFV's collection of water fail videos. You can always beat the heat with a little time in the pool or at the beach. But remember, keep a camera rolling in case you dip into some comedy gold. This water fails compilation will have you laughing your way through the day.

Watch people slip, crash and slide their way into the biggest laughs!

Water fails are always the best. You can't go wrong with unexpected belly flops and water skiing sessions gone wrong. Of course, we can’t be responsible for any poor decisions you may make in the future because you watched these water fails. Consider yourself warned!

You might be a big fan of hilarious fail videos, but when you add a splash of water it makes them even better. Hit the play button above to watch our compilation of the best water fail videos on the internet.